Rules - Wonen's Division - 18 and Over

1. All Ontario Hockey Association Rules and Regulations will apply (CAHA Rule Book).
2. A three minute warm-up game will be provided immediately prior to the start of each game.
3. Any player who obtains two major penalties shall be ejected from the tournament.
4. Body Contact is not permitted.
5. Fighting is not permitted - automatic ejection from the tournament.
6. Slap shots are permitted.
7. All players are required to have identification and be able to produce it if requested by tournament convenors.
8. (Time Outs) Each team is granted only one time out. The length of the time out is 30 seconds.
9. Each team will be guaranteed a minimum of three games. Four teams in division. Top Teams with the most points in each division will play on. In the event of ties, it will be decided on the least number of goals against in the previous games totaled up.
10. In order to keep the tournament running on time, a team arriving late for a game will have a goal against for every five (5) minutes late. After (30) minutes, the game will be awarded to the team on the ice.

Timing of Periods

First Period 15 minutes straight time.
Second Period 10 minutes straight time.
Third Period 15 minutes straight time.

1. The last three (3) minutes of the 3rd period will be stopped timed if there is less than a three (3) goal difference.
2. Ties will be broken by a shoot-out. Five (5) shooters, one shot each. The team with the most goals wins. If the game remains tied, a different five (5) shooters will be chosen.
3. Semi-Final and Final games will have five (5) minute sudden death overtime followed by a shoot-out.